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INVAP will assist Addvalue Ltd. in the development of space qualified hardware

It follows a press release published today on the Addvalue Ltd. website from Singapore, highlighting that the company will receive technical assistance from INVAP in order to develop space qualified hardware.


Singapore, 8 June 2017 – Singapore Exchange Mainboard-listed Addvalue Technologies Ltd (“Addvalue”, together with its subsidiaries, the "Group"), a leading player in the mobile satellite communications industry today announced a collaboration with INVAP S.E. (“INVAP”), a leading technology company in Argentine Republic specialising in the design and construction of low earth orbit (“LEO”) and geostationary (“GEO”) satellites.

This collaboration is intended to facilitate the development and enhance the design of space hardware at Addvalue. Based on the INVAP training Addvalue expects to produce innovative high reliability communications equipment certified for commercial use in space. This includes parts selection, digital radio design, high reliability production, and space qualification environmental testing. This will contribute to the enhanced reliability required of communications equipment suitable for use on LEO satellites including our Inter-Satellite Data Relay System. This collaboration will allow Addvalue to capitalise on the expertise that INVAP gained from its previous successful space missions with regard to hardware qualification and in-orbit operations.

Addvalue will be sending a team of engineers to INVAP in Argentina for technical training to augment its manufacturing expertise later this month. The INVAP training is part of the Capability Development Program for Space funded by the Economic Development Board of Singapore.

Regarding the collaboration, Dr Colin Chan Kum Lok, Chairman and CEO of Addvalue, remarked, “We are upbeat about the collaboration with INVAP which will strengthen our design and manufacturing capability for products to be used in space. It will also serve as a gateway to potential space related business in Latin America including the opportunity to work together with INVAP on LEO satellite projects in the future.”

At the same time, Mr Héctor Otheguy, Chief Executive Officer of INVAP, commented, “Addvalue has a proven track record of delivering positive results since the production of its Proof-of-Concept communications mission equipment. As such, we perceive the upcoming collaboration with Addvalue to be an excellent platform to provide our expertise and knowledge in the development of space qualified hardware. We are confident that as a result of our collective efforts Addvalue will be well positioned to potentially unlock many uncharted market opportunities in the space industry.” 

About Addvalue Technologies Ltd

Addvalue Technologies Ltd (A31) a SGX Mainboard-listed company, is a leading one-stop digital, wireless and broadband communications technology products innovator, which provides state-of-theart satellite-based communication terminals and solutions for a variety of voice and IP based data applications.

Addvalue is presently a leading global developer and supplier of mobile satellite terminals supporting coverage provided by premier mobile satellite communication system operators. These terminals are an ideal choice for communications in areas around the world where terrestrial networks are nonexistent, or ineffective. This is particularly so for maritime communications, which rely almost entirely on satellite communications, where Addvalue’s marine communications terminals are well suited.

About INVAP S.E.

INVAP is a company based in Argentina devoted to the design and construction of complex technological systems, with more than 40 years of history in the domestic market and more than 30 in the international scene. INVAP has designed and built several nuclear research and radioisotope production reactors worldwide, Earth observation and Telecom satellites, industrial plants, radar systems and radiotherapy centers, among other developments.

Domestically, INVAP holds a close relationship with the Argentine Commission of Atomic Energy (CNEA), the Argentine Space Commission (CONAE), the Argentine Telecom Operator (ARSAT), institutions with which it has jointly accomplished major projects. Internationally, the company is related to numerous organizations, such as the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO) and the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority (AEA).

Source: Addvalue Ltd.

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